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Prudential Vietnam Assurance

Always Listening. Always Understanding.

As the leading life insurer, Prudential Vietnam is privileged to provide insurance services to millions of Vietnamese people. It is our mission to touch and enhance every Vietnamese household.

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Why Prudential Vietnam Assurance?

At Prudential Vietnam, we care about life assurance, making it our core mission to touch and enhance every Vietnamese household. Our people do this through three key pillars upholding everyone's financial plans.


Protection is an act of love and wisdom. We always do our best to protect others' family, their investment and most importantly, their health. With proper protection, everyone can fulfil all the moments and realise all the plans they draw up for themselves and the beloved. 


Prudential Vietnam is a field for investment experts. We are a leading fund manager, growing investment with strong, strategic and proven performance. It is thanks to our people's experience and market knowledge that we can continually increase customers' benefits.


One of the best ways to secure the future is to grow savings. Working on regular installment plans, enabling budgets for retirement, education and even start-up business, we accompany customers towards their medium and long-term goals.

At Prudential Vietnam, we believe what we do matters. Join us to make a difference!

Life at Prudential Vietnam Assurance

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  • Lunar New Year's Gathering
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  • Prudential - Partnership with AIESEC
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Inside review about Prudential Vietnam Assurance

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  • Customer Services Front Office Manager - 1478658830
    Pros: “Prudential Vietnam do not only produce the good employees for the labor market but also produce the perfect people for society with good human behavior” - Employees have been trained about all things for daily working beside the good human behavior, people & culture,... - Where employees can do wrong and supported to re-correct the mistakes - Employees create new ideas free and easy - You will be trained "how to train" if your are people manager... Finally, this is the good place for working and doing leave the journey in your life.
  • Management Trainee - 1478658830
    Pros: Great coaches & great team. Supportive colleagues. Competitive payments & good benefits. Challenging works everyday. Relatively open to changes. Fast environment where you can learn many things in such a short time. The industry is not saturated yet and there're still many room for expansions and improvements. Plus (as far as I see) they strictly follow business ethics and always reserve resources for their social responsibility projects.
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